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Gallo Center for the Arts Founders Reception

Photos are placed mostly in order that they were taken at the Gallo Center for the Arts Founders Reception.  If you would like to use the photos, please feel free to ask, or if you would like to send me some info regarding these photos, please send them to me:  you can write to me in the bottom of my Acupuncture in Modesto web page or write me email directly clee [at]  Furthermore, I have 2-4 meg versions of each of these pictures, if you need them larger or of higher quality. All these pictures were taken on one day.


This is a Steinway D Concert Grand Piano.

The serial code for the Gallo Center for the Arts Steinway D is 276012.

Lisa Millegan, Modesto Bee Arts Writer

I believe this would be the first performance at the Gallo Center for the Arts (Yes Company)

Tammy Wu, MD and Calvin Lee, MD

Paul Zdunek, CEO Modesto Symphony Orchestra

Tammy Wu, MD and Marie Gallo

Marie Gallo and Calvin Lee, MD

Charles Suntra, Cherrie Lewellyn, Tammy Wu and Calvin Lee

View of the Gallo Center lobby from above

Founders Wall, it's now carved in stone. 
You can see our name on there (Surgical Artistry)

Picture of the floor of the Gallo Center for the Arts.

Ann Endsley

Inside the Hummer limo

Limo at our Surgical Artistry, Inc office.  City Lights Limosine
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Surgical Artistry, Inc / Calvin Lee 2007 Special thanks Modesto Gallo Center for the Arts (Gallo Arts Center), Modesto Symphony Orchestra.  Please visit the official web page of the Gallo Center for the Arts for shows, performances and tickets.

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This isn't quite the Gallo Center for the Arts


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